2.0 – Ojai OK Drill – Weds Sept 18th, 7PM (2013)

The 3rd Wednesday of each year (Wednesday 18th for 2013) at 7PM, is the Annual Ojai OK Drill.

This dynamic communications exercise: provides CERT with a valuable tool to perform community outreach for Emergency Preparedness; creates and builds CERT leadership for neighborhood management; integrates City and County Agencies for assistance (Signs creation, AM 1610, Reverse 911, Flashing CalTrans signs, etc); offers integration and communications expertise of Ham Radio Opportunities; and combines resources from several volunteer groups (like Red Cross) to participate.

Aside from CERT distributing the signs before the drill, and then at 7PM to 8PM searching throughout the Ojai Valley for signs and communicating results via Ham Radio to the Ojai Police Station, we ask for four things from the community:

1. Review their Disaster Plan and check their emergency supplies
2. Tune into AM 1610 for instructions and information
3. Post your OK Signs in a window facing a street or on a mailbox
4. Check on your neighbor

Please refer to this web-site for all the details on this exercise — http://okdrill.org.

We are always looking for other CERT groups to join us on that evening — email to: ojaivalleycert@gmail.com