4.0 – Shakeout – October 17th, 2013 at 10:17AM

Each year, California does the Shakeout (Drop, Cover and Hold On) Exercise. While the potential earthquake hazards depend upon your location, California is considered at higher risk compared to the rest of the country.

Shakeout organizers believe that California can become much more prepared for earthquakes – and be ready to recover quickly. The ShakeOut has been created to help people and organizations get better prepared for major earthquakes, and practice how to be protected when they happen.

Ojai Valley CERT has registered and is looking for your participation: http://www.shakeout.org/california/

1. Go to this web-link and learn more about the exercise — http://www.shakeout.org/california/
2. Register yourself/your family as an individual participant
3. Participate on October 17th, 2013 at 10:17AM – “Drop, Cover and Hold On”
4. After the exercise, send an email to ojaivalleycert@gmail.com with the following:
a. Your location (Block Address, eg: 100 Block of Anywhere Street)
b. How many people participated?
c. What you did — anything else of interest?

Note: This year, we will be tabulating the responses you email us into a Depiction GIS map – useful for gauging cooperation and for planning.

Personal Note: After a tremor (small or serious), make sure you “Drop, Cover and Hold On” IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT reach for the phone to ask “Did you feel that?” — this results in a telecommunications system overload and potentially gets you clocked over the head by falling objects.